MickiSoft Consultancy Services

Software Development

MickiSoft has a proven track record in developing software for many different types of application. MickiSoft is particularly adept at being the 'last resort' i.e. when other software suppliers have failed to deliver on time, MickiSoft has been called upon to deliver to impossibly tight deadlines. MickiSoft always delivers.

MickiSoft prides itself on having very low management costs to the client. MickiSoft can develop complex application from very sparse specification and information. Once up and running, MickiSoft requires very little of the client management time and is pro-active in finding out more information about a project rather than waiting for the client to provide details.

MickiSoft has in-depth experience in the following programming languages.

Database Design

One of MickiSoft's specialities is database design, with experience in the following databases.

Training and Team Mentoring

MickiSoft's key personnel have experience in training and team mentoring. [further details]

Project Management

MickiSoft prides itself on its project management, with absolutely none of the internal and external projects handled by the company exceeding either schedule or budget.

Data Migration Facilities

MickiSoft has all the facilities to enable the smooth transfer of data from your legacy archives to a new system. With sound database experience and significant on-site data storage capabilities, success is guaranteed.

System Design and Documentation

MickiSoft has designed many software systems, from database schema construction to thin client network architecture. All MickiSoft is produced with a full help system and documentation, such as compiled HTML help files (.chm), database schemas or Visio diagrams.