Mickisoft Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Delivery of Goods or Services

We will confirm your order by email or letter. No order will be fulfilled until payment has been cleared by RBSWorldPay. Goods will be dispatched within 1-6 days. If delivery is outside the UK, delivery may take longer than 7 days. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please notify us within 7 days in writing by email to . Items may be returned for a refund within 7 days of purchase subject to the following conditions.

Refunds Policy - Goods

Goods may be returned within 28 days and subject to the terms and conditions laid out below. Please contact us prior to returning any products purchased on-line to ensure they are eligible for a refund.

Returned Goods

The original sales receipt and other documents must accompany all items being returned. To return purchased item(s): Pack carefully, use a postal service providing insurance and signed-for-delivery. Proof of shipment must be produced. Purchases through www.mickisoft.com on-line store may, unless otherwise specified, be returned at customer's cost.

General Returns

If a product or service has been purchased at a discount, only the actual amount paid will be refunded. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Goods Damaged in Transit

Unfortunately, no matter how well items are packed, goods can get damaged in transit. Please provide any correspondence with your postal service provider to verify where the damage occurred. If you can show the postal service has damaged the goods in transit we will issue a full refund and seek compensation from the postal service. If the goods arrived in postal packaging that was in good condition, but for some other reason were damaged, please return the items in their original wrapping and we will issue a refund.

Defective Goods / Services

If the items you were sent are defective and unusable, please notify us upon receipt in writing by email () and return the product within 7 days. Please explain why the product is unusable and, given a satisfactory reason, we will issue a full refund including our original postal charges.

Goods Fail To Arrive

If your products fail to arrive as expected, please contact us first so that we can track down what has happened to your order. If the postal provider cannot confirm delivery within 28 days of the expected delivery date, we will provide a full refund including our original postage charges.

Wrong Shipment

We offer a full money-back guarantee if the item you receive differs greatly from the item or service that you have ordered. Please send an email to detailing the issues with the received product or service.

Refund Policy for Services Purchased Online

We allow a cooling off period of 7 days and a customer can receive a full refund for the service if no action has been initiated on Mickisoft by the customer within the 7 day period. A service is initiated by the creation of a deliverable agreement document that is acceptable to both Mickisoft and the customer.

Once the 7 day cooling off period has lapsed, the following refund policy applies:

The partial refund will be a simple percentage refund of the 'failed' items compared to the 'satisfactory' items, unless an overriding refund agreement is reached between Mickisoft and the customer. No refund of monies is possible on work that is carried out outside the deliverable agreement document.

Mickisoft reserves the right to cancel the purchase of a service if an acceptable deliverable document cannot be agreed between Mickisoft and the customer. In this case, a full refund will be given to the customer.

Refund Policy for Consultancy Time Purchased Online

The refund policy for consultancy time includes the conditions specified in the Service policy above, plus the additional conditions specified below:

A 'day' of consultancy is defined as a period of work by a Mickisoft consultant of no less than 6 hours and no more than 8 hours. The work does not have to be within one day, but must be completed within the calendar month of the initial start of the consultancy 'day'.

Payment of a 'day' of consultancy must be completed before the work can commence.

If less than 6 hours work is carried out by Mickisoft, the following refund options are available:

Should a dispute arise it will be judged solely under UK law in the UK.

Mickisoft Address

If the customer prefers, further terms and conditions details, or written complaints can be sent to the following address.


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