MickiSoft .NET Project Details

SUW Work Planning and Delivery application

MickiSoft has developed a Project Management Web Application for the Environment Agency. The application allows the Environment Agency to enter project details, planned and actual resource usage and budget amounts, to efficiently manage their work activities during the financial year.

Almex Ltd, Cirencester

Almex Ltd hired MickiSoft to create a COM C++ library to retrieve data from a relational database and export it in various formats such as XML or DBF. The database had been designed by MickiSoft to store bus ticket transactions from a variety of sources. MickiSoft developed a rich client application as a front end to the COM C++ Exporter library to allow the user schedule data exports, rerun exports or change databases.

MickiSoft Product Development

MickiSoft has recently started the development of a current meter gauging field input system (PalmPet). PalmPet is a distributed application which will run on a Pocket PC or Windows operating system to allow field staff to input river flow measurements. PalmPet accesses and stores data to a permanent database using MickiSoft's own data access Web Services (PalmPet.Net), thus lowering the processing load on the client machine and reducing the risk of data loss in hostile environments. The PalmPet system can be run on a PocketPC or Windows operating system. The application is built using C#.NET, utilising the same classes in both operating systems.

ADAS, Wolverhampton

MickiSoft recently converted a Fortran application (IRRIGUIDE) to a VB.NET application for ADAS. The IRRIGUIDE system models the amount of water used by various crops in different soil types as they grow through the season. The results of the model can then be used to predict and manage crop irrigation. The application runs the model and outputs the results for further analysis. Over 14000 lines of Fortran code were converted to VB.NET, with the resulting application producing identical results to the Fortran model (without the original bugs!).