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MickiSoft is a small company specialising in computer software development.

The main services offered by MickiSoft include the following.


When MickiSoft was established in 1999, the company concentrated solely on the development of a management system for bus ticket machines. After several years developing software for bus travel and car parking applications, MickiSoft turned its attention to the water industry and developed an application to calculate and store river flow readings. Following this work, MickiSoft was given a contract to assist the Environment Agency in moving massive amounts of data from their existing system to a new application. Once the data migration project had been completed, MickiSoft worked with ADAS in the development of model application and agriculture software tools.
Currently, MickiSoft is now developing a project management system for the Environment Agency (SUPED). This web application allows the user to manage their projects, large or small, monitoring budget profiles and staff resource allocation.

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